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Dorati's influence on the musical world was exceptional, not only as a conductor. As composer he leaves behind a remarkable oeuvre, which is performed more and more worldwide.

Dorátis Einfluß auf die Musikwelt war ungewöhnlich gross, nicht nur als Dirigent. Als Komponist hinterlässt er ein beeindruckendes Oeuvre, dem man weltweit in zunehmendem Maße durch Aufführungen gerecht wird.

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Nocturne and Capriccio

for oboe, 2 violins, viola, and cello.
Budapest, 1926. Duration 14'

fp: Budapest, 1926

  Notturno: Andante, rubato
Capriccio: Vivace, capriccioso
Originally Mills Music Inc, available through (This work was compressed to its present form from an original four-movement Quintet for oboe and strings)
Recording: CD: MDG 603 1126-2 and LP: Mercury SR 90499 (out of print)
American Serenade

for string orchestra.
Early 1940's. Duration 15'

fp (complete): September 1970, Washington; members of the National Symphony c. AD (from the late 1950's onwards, the two movements had each been performed separately on several occasions by various US orchestras)

  I. Spiritual Lento, rubato
II. Dance Allegro con brio
M&S 2002
CD available: BIS CD-1099
The Way (Le Chemin)

Cantata for speaker, contralto, and bass-baritone soloists, chorus, and orchestra, after Paul Claudel's 'Le Chemin de la Croix'. 1955-56.
Dated 'March 20, 1956'. Duration 95'.

3(lll=picc). 2. cor A 2. bei. 2. dbn-4.4 (1=D tpt ad lib). 3. I-timp (2). pere.: 2 gongs/t.bcUs/xyl/2 anvils/cyms/susp.cym/tam-t/tgl/whip/2 SD (high and low)/BD-harp-cel-piano-strings

fp: 20 April 1957, Minneapolis; Carol Smith (contralto), Cornel McNeill (baritone), John Langstaff (speaker), University ol Minnesota Chorus, Minneapolis Symphony Orchestra c. AD

  I. Grave; lento e pesante ('C'est fini, nous avons juge Dieu')
II. Violente - lento moderato ('On lui rend ses vetements')
III. Allegro brutale ('En marche!')
IV. Adagio; liberamente con intimissimo sentimento (' O mères qui avez vu mourir le premier et unique enfant')
V. Moderato, tempo di marcia pesante ('L'instant vient')
VI. Molto agitate, ma non troppo presto ('Tous les disciples ont fui')
Vll. Lento, stance ('Ce n'est pas la pierre sous le pied')
VIII. Calmo ('Avant qu'il ne monte une dernière fois sur la montagne')
IX. Moderato ('Jesus tombe encore')
X. Allegro feroce ('Le Pere est nu')
XI. Lento ('Voici que dieu n'est plus avec nous')
XII. Moderato, fluttuante ('ll soufrait tout a l'heure')
XIII. Andante tranquillo, ma con moto (lei la passion prend fin')
XIV. Lento, grave ('Le tombeau ou le Christ')
M&S (MS hire), including English translation by the composer
Symphony No.l

1956-7. Duration 32'

fp: 18 March 1960. Minneapolis; Minneapolis Symphony Orchestra c. AD

3 (II, lll=2 pice). 2. cor A. 2. bei. 2. dbn- perc. (4): cym/small and large susp.cym/3 SD (small, medium, large)/tamb/2 gongs (large and smaU)/tam-t/BD/tgl-strings

  I. Sonata: Vivace con brio
II. Variations: Andante, molto moderato
III. Scherzo: Presto
IV. Nocturne: Adagio
V. Rondo-Finale: Allegro robusto
ESZ, 1962 - score for sale; material for hire
Recordings: Mercury SR 90499 (LP) BIS CD-408 (CD)
The Two Enchantments of Li Tai Pe

two lyric scenes for baritone and small orchestra.
1957. Texts by the composer (No.l based on a story by Bela Balazs).
Duration 33'.

Dedication: 'Legend has it, that Li Tai Pe died while trying to kiss the image of the moon on the surface of the water. This piece is dedicated, with affection, to all whose phantasy does encompass such gesture of tenderness'.

fp: 8 April 1958, Minneapolis Museum; John Langstaff (bar), members of the Minneapolis SO c. AD

1. pice. afl (=fl.ll).0.1.bcl (=cl. II ad lib). 0- - perc. (2): vib/4 gongs/tam-t/2 susp. cym/tgl/3 bells - harp - strings ( or small string orchestra)


I. Li Tai Pe and the Spring Andante, con movimento tranquillo
II. Interlude Allegro III. Li Tai Pe and the Child Sostenuto, solenne

ESZ, 1971 - full score and vocal score; material for hire
Missa Brevis

for mixed chorus (SSAATTB - boys' voices preferred for S and A parts) a cappella and percussion.
Dated 'Salzburg 10.7 -14.8- 1959'. Duration 23'.

Dedicated to the composer's daughter Tonina on her 20th birthday.

fp: 1959

perc: 3 tgl (small, med, large)/3 susp. cym (small, med, large)/cyms/3 gongs (small, med, large)/2 iron plates (small, large)/2 tam-t (small, large)

  I. Kyrie Andante
II. Gloria Allegro
III. Credo Grave
IV. Sanctus Allegro molto, con brio
V. Benedictus Adagio
VI. Agnus Dei Andante
Minneapolis Mills Music Inc., 1964 (-> ) - vocal score, choral score; percussion parts on hire

for string quartet.
1959. Duration 9'.

fp: 1959, Minneapolis

M&S (2007)

revised version for string orchestra.
Dated '12.7.77'.

Dedication: 'in memory of Ödon Pártos'.

fp: 1979, Tel Aviv

M&S (2007)
7 Pictures (Sette Pezzi) for orchestra (from 'Magdelena')

Duration 30'

fp: 8 September 1963, Besancon Festival; Orchestre national dc Paris c. AD

  I. Prelude
II. Assault
III. Drift
IV. Passion
V. Sorcery
VI. Flight and Asylum
VII. Epilogue (orchestra as for full ballet)
ESZ - full score for sale; material for hire
CD available: BIS CD-1099
Variations on a Theme of Kodály

for orchestra (in collaboration with Tibor Serly, Ödon Pártos, Géza Frid, and Sándor Veress).
1962. Duration 20'

fp: I December 1962, Hilversum; Netherlands Radio PO c. Jean Fournet

2. pice. 2 cor A. 2. bei. 2.dbn (=bn.lll) - - timp. pere: 2 tam-t/vib/marimba/xyl/ 4 tom-t/ cyrns/susp cym/tam-t/tgl/4 wdbl/BD/SD - harp - piano - strings

  (The theme is taken from Kodaly's String Quartet No.I, op.2. Dorati composed the largest share ofthis work, namely the Introduction [which quotes from his own Nocturne - Item 2 in this catalogue - as well as from works by each of his collaborators and one by Matyas Seiber] and the extended final I variation)
B&H, 1965 (hire; study score for sale)
String Octet

for 4 violins, 2 violas, and 2 cellos.
1964. Duration 25'. (dated Rome, 4.6.64)

fp: 18 August 1965, Gstaad (Menuhin Festival): Yehudi Menuhin, A. Lysy, N.Michal, Ling Tong (vins), Ernst Wallfisch, 0. Lysy (vlas), Maurice Gendron, Gaspar Cassado (cellos)

  I. Allegro aperto (dated 13.1 - 21.1.1964)
II. Molto Adagio (dated 29.1.1964)
III. Scherzo: Presto possibile
IV. Vivace con brio
ESZ - score for sale; parts on hire
Recording: CD DCCD 059: Soloist of the Camerata Lysi
Madrigal Suite

for mixed chorus (SATB) and small orchestra.
1965. Duration c. 18'.

Texts: Ancient Irish- Celtic proverbs and prayers (freely adapted into English by the composer).

fp: 8 April 1966, London; BBC Symphony Orchestra and chorus c. AD

4 horns - timp. pere: vib/mar/gIsp/bells/tgl/SD/BD/crot/Japanese bells/5 Chinese bl/5 gongs (very low to high)/maracas/susp. cym/small hammer/rattle - celesta - harp - piano - guitar - strings

  I. The Keys of Paradise. Moderato
2. Making the bed. Allegro
3. Blessing. Tranquillo
4. Before smoking the pipe Comodo; tempo di blues
5. Rainbow. Allegro gioioso
ESZ, 1966 - full score and vocal score: material for hire
Largo Concertato

for string orchestra.
Dated '19.6.66'. Duration 23'

fp: 24 August 1966, Gstaad (Menuhin Festival); Gstaad Festival Orchestra c. Yehudi Menuhin

M&S (2007)
'Chamber Music'

Song-cycle for soprano and 25 instruments.
Dated '3.7.67 - 13.8.67'. Duration 25'.

Texts by James Joyce.

fp: 1968, Rosehill Concerts, Cumberland; Heather Harper (soprano), Northern Sinfonia c. AD - - piano - 9 vin, 3vla, 3vlc, ldb

  I. Lento, misterioso ('Strings in the Earth and Air')
II. Tranquillo ('At that Hour when all things have repose')
III. Allegretto ('O cool is the valley now')
IV. Allegro ('Winds of May that dance on the sea')
V. Mesto ('Because your voice was at my side')
VI. Allegro agitato ('I hear an army')
Vll. Lento, misterioso ('Strings in the Earth and Air')
Schirmer, 1998
Night Music

for solo flute and small orchestra.
August 1968. Duration 22' 2

fp: 1969, Paris; Jean-Pierre Rampal (flute), Orchestre national c. AD

horns, harp, and strings

  1. Recitativo (Evening Antiphon) Con moto tranquillo, liberamente
2. Arioso (Lullaby) Andante, affetuoso
3. Capriccio (Midnight) Moderato
4. Scherzo (Insects round the Flame) Presto
5. Postludio (Deep Night - Dawn) Lento
J.W. Chester, 1974 - study score; material for hire
CD available: BIS CD-1099
Öt Kánon

five canons for mixed chorus a cappella.
1970. Duration 12'.

Dedication: 'Marikának és Dezsönek'. Texts by Dezsö Keresztúry.

fp: 1976, Budapest; Szilágyi Erzsébet Female Choir c. Maria Katanics

  1. 'Vénasszonyok nyara'
2. 'Vigasztaló'
3. 'Száll a madár'
4. 'Tavasszal'
5. 'Könnyü szivvel'
EMB, 1975
Variazioni sopra un Tema di Béla Bartók

for piano.
1974. Duration 16'.

Dedication: 'per Ilse'

fp: 1975, New York, WQXR Station; Ilse von Alpenheim

  Theme (Mikrokosmos I, No. 15) and 30 Variations
EMB, 1977
Recording: CD 2010 Musikverlag Müller & Schade
Concerto for Piano and Orchestra

1975. Duration 31'.

Dedication: 'For Ilse'

fp: 28 October 1975, Washington DC: Ilse von Alpenheim (piano), National Symphony Orchestra c. AD - - timp. perc(3): cyms/BD/tam-t/TD/4 tom-t/t.bells/2 tam-t/tgl/2 gongs/2 crot/ gisp/vib/marimbaphone - strings

  I. Allegro moderato
II. Lento rubato
III. Presto
ESZ - 2-piano reduction on sale; score and parts for hire
Recording: CD 2010 Musikverlag Müller & Schade
Die Stimmen (The Voices)

song-cycle for bass voice and piano. Texts by Rainer Maria Rilke.
Dated '16.12.75 - 24.12.75'. Duration 40'

fp: 1976, Berlin Radio; Peter Lagger (bass)


1. Prolog (Titelblatt)
2. Das Lied des Bettlers
3. Das Lied des Blinden
4. Das Lied des Trinkers
5. Das Lied des Selbstmörders
6. Das Lied der Witwe
7. Das Lied des Idioten
8. Das Lied der Waise
9. Das Lied des Zwerges
10. Das Lied des Aussätzigen
11. Envoi

M&S (MS hire)
Die Stimmen

version for bass voice and orchestra.
Dated 10.5 - 22.6.1978. Duration 45'

fp: 1977, Stockholm: Peter Lagger, Stockholm Philharmonie c. AD

2 (=2 pice). 2.2. bei. 2. dbn - - timp. perc. (4): large gong/t, bells/marimba/xyl/tom-t/cyms/ susp. cym/sleigh bells/4 taro-t/tgl/guiro/maracas/wdbl/BD/SD/tamb/TD - harp - eel - piano - strings

  (The orchestral version - which greatly elaborates the textures of the original - slightly lengthens the instrumental portions of some songs, and considerably extends the Prologue and especially the Envoi. In this version those movements are unnumbered, and the remaining songs (Nos.2-10) are accordingly renumbered I-IX)
M&S (MS hire), including voice/piano reduction and English translation by the composer

for oboe and orchestra.
1976 (Solo part revised December 1985 - January 1986). Duration 25'

fp: 12 November 1976, Washington; Sara Watkins (ob). National Symphony Orchestra c. AD

3 (lll=picc). 0.3 (lll=bcl). 0 - timp. perc: vib/xyl/gisp/lndian dm/4 tom-t/SD/sandpaper/4 gongs/2 tam-t/susp. cyrn/guero - harp - eel - double string orchestra

  I. Preludio Tranquillo, molto rubato
II. Toccata Allegro
III. Villanella, con Alternativi Poco Adagio
IV. Bergamasca Presto
V. Menuetto Moderato
VI. Giga Molto vivace
M&S 2010 (hire) ('Commissioned by Robert Bialek, to commemorate the 25th Anniversary of the .Discount Record & Book Store, Washington DC 1976')

2010 CD MDG903 1586-6
Yeon-Hee Kwak, oboe
Münchner Rundfunkorchester
Johannes Goritzki, conductor
Three Studies

for mixed choir.
10-15 September 1976. Duration 10'

Texts by Rainer Maria Rilke, in English translation by Hester Norton.

Dedicated to the University of Maryland.

fp: 1976, University of Maryland; U. of M. Choir c. Paul Traver

  1. Autumn Day Slowly
2. Grave Hour Quietly and quite freely
3. Stanzas Moderately fast
M&S, 1998
Concerto for Cello and Orchestra

1977. Duration 25'

fp: 1978, Louisville, Kentucky: Janos Starker (cello), Louisville Orchestra c. Jörge Mester

3 (lll=picc). 2.2.2(=dbn) - - timp. perc: cyms/BD/SD/TD - harp -strings

  1. Recitativo Moderato; molto rubato
2. Variazioni Andante, tranquillo
3. Finale Allegro
B&H, 1978 (reduction for cello and piano for sale: bowings and fingerings by Janos Starker)
Recording: P&C 2006 Santa Fe Music Group (CD)
Of God, Man, and Machine

three choruses for SATB a cappella.
Texts by William Cowper.

December 1978. Duration 12'

  1. Walking with God Calmly
2. Man (from 'The Task') Slowly
3. The Flatting Mali Fast
In the Beginning

five meditations on texts from the Bhagavad Ghita, for bass-baritone, oboe, cello, and percussion.
July-August 1979. Duration 34'

fp: April 1980, Detroit, members of the Detroit Symphony Orchestra

perc: vib/chimes/glsp/4 gongs/4 Indian drums/4 bongos/very low tam-t/susp. cym

  1. 'In the Beginning'
2. 'The Seers say Truly'
3. 'The Serene One masters his Will'
4. 'Who dares'
5. 'Now shall I tell you that innermost Secret'
Schirmer, 1997
Sonata per Assisi

five pieces for 2 flutes.
1980. Duration 20'

fp: July 1980, Assisi (Festival of the Accademia Musicale Ottorino Respighi); Susan Milan and Maxence Larrieu

  1. Fantasia Andante tranquillo, rubato
2. Intermezzo Allegro
3. Elegia Poco lento, molto rubato (all'ongarese)
4. Capriccio Presto
5. Notturno Moderato
B&H, 1981 (As well as complete performances, individual movements or combinations of them may be played)
Cinq Pièces

for solo oboe.
1980. Duration 15'.

Dedication: 'A Heinz Holliger, amicalement'.

fp: April 1980, Zürich Tonhalle; Heinz Holliger


1. La Cigale et la fourmie (d'après Lafontaine) Allegro
2. Lettre d'Amour Andante
3. Fugue à trois voix Allegro giusto
4. Berceuse Andante, tranquillo, tenero
5. Lègerdemain Moderato, rubato, spiegato

B&H, 1981
Recording: CD: MDG 603 1126-2, LP: Philips 416 987-1
String Quartet

for 2 violins, viola, and cello.
15 October-14 December 1980. Duration 30'

fp: April 1981, Paris ORTF; Quatuor InterContemporain

  I. Presto
II. Largo - Andantino commodo - Prestissimo - Adagio - Prestissimo possibile -Tempo l
III. Vivace
M&S, 1997
Négy noï Kar

four Hungarian choruses for female voices (SMA).
I January - 3 February 1982. Duration 8'.

Dedication: 'To Maria Katanics and her choir'

fp: 24 March 1985, Budapest

  1. Elsöség (Keresztury) Moderato, parlando
2. Aki ma sir (Rilke, trs. AD) Lento, appasionato
3. Párbeszéd (Lorca, trs. AD) Molto rubato, parlando
4. A Kigyó és a Ráspoly (Lafontaine, trs. Miklós Radnóti) Andante
EMB, 1991
The Chosen

Opera in 3 Acts.
Completed September 1984. Duration: Act 1 68', Act II 62', Act III 45'.

Six major roles, six minor roles, SATB chorus, and orchestra 3 (lll=piccs). 2. cor A. 2(11=E cl). bei. 2.dbn - - timp. perc. (5): xyl/gIsp/BD/Deep Dr/3 SD/3 gongs/tam-t/3 susp.cym/cyms/3 tom-t/5 Conga drums - organ (ad lib) - celesta - 2 harp - strings. On stage: 6 tpt, 3 tbn

  Libretto by AD after Martin Buber's play Elija, in German (Der Künder), English, and Italian (L'inviato).
Müller & Schade
Duo Concertante

for oboe and piano.
January 1984. Duration 15'.

Commissioned by and dedicated to Heinz Holliger.

fp: 21 April 1984, Washington DC, Heinz Holliger and J.S. Ritter

B&H (for sale, 1991)
Recording: CD: MDG 603 1126-2, LP: Philips 416 987-1, CD "ambroisie" Eric Speller
Imádság (Prayer)

for mixed choir a cappella. Text by Deszo Keresztury.
March 1984. Duration 4'.

fp: 9 September 1984, Zalaegerszeg, Hungary, chorus of Zrinyi Miklós High School

EMB, 1991

for oboe, oboe d'amore, and cor anglais with string orchestra.
1984-May 1985, revised January 1986. Duration 26'.

Commissioned by and dedicated to Heinz Holliger.

fp: 15 January 1986, Basle, Heinz Holliger and the Basle Symphony Orchestra c. AD

  1. Mattinata (oboe d'amore)
2. Buria (oboe)
3. Nenia (cor anglais)
M&S, 1999
Recording: Decca 475 7615 2006 Heinz Holliger, A.D. cond.
CD "ambroisie" Eric Speller

Trittico. Version for oboe, oboe d'amore, cor anglais and piano.
December 31, 1984.

M&S, 1999
Recording: MDG 603 1126-2


Trittico. Version with accompaniment of 12 solo strings (
4 May 1986.

fp: 12 August 1986, Gstaad Festival, Heinz Holliger, English Chamber Orchestra c. AD

M&S, 1999

Querela pacis (Symphony No.2)

April-August 1985. Duration 28'.

Commissioned by the Detroit Symphony Orchestra.

fp: 24 April 1986, Ford Auditorium, Detroit (Michigan), Detroit Symphony Orchestra c. Günther Herbig
European premiere: 14 May, Amsterdam, Concertgebouw Orchestra c. AD

4 (III & IV=picc l & II). 3 cor A. 4 (lll=El> cl,IV=bcl). 3 (lll=dbn II). dbn- timp. perc (5, inci timp II): tg]/BD/3SD/2 susp.cym/2 gongs/tam-t/deep drum/low bell in B or E- harp - piano - organ pedal - strings plus unseen string quartet backstage

  I. Sostenuto assai (... peccata mundi ...)
II. Allegro molto agitato (... dies ilia ...)
III. Andante molto tranquitto (.. . dona nobis ... )
M&S 2009 (hire)
Recording: BIS CD-408 (CD), CD 72 2010 IPPNW-concerts Boreyko Berner Symphonie Orchester
Autumn (Herbst)

Six epigrams for baritone and chamber ensemble of 19 players on old Chinese texts (English and German translations by AD).
Dated 31.10.1986. Duration 18'.

fp: 26 August 1990 Gstaad Festival, John Shirley-Quirk, Warsaw Sinfonia c. Yehudi Menuhinl

1(=picc, afl). l(=cor A), l(=bcl). l(=dbn) - - perc: susp. cym/3 gongs/xyl/tam-t (very low) - harp - strings (

  1. The Moon and the Drunkard (Bo Djü-i)
2. Toast (Tsui Hui-tung)
3. Song in the Night (Liu Dsung-yüang)
4. Encouragement (Tü Woo-Ling)
5. At the River (Djin Tshöng)
6. Farewell (Wang Wei)
M&S, 1997

for viola and piano.
January 1987. Duration 11'.

fp: II February 1987, Gerzensee, Claudio Veress and AD

M&S (2007)
Jesus or Barabbas?

Melodrama for speaker, mixed chorus and orchestra. English text by AD, after a parable by Frigyes Karinthy.
September - October 1987. Duration 16'

Dedication: For the IPPNW 1987

fp: 10 December 1987, Budapest, Susanna York (speaker), Hungarian Radio Orchestra c. Laszlo Kovatch

. . - - 2 timp. perc(3): BD/2 susp. cym/2 gongs/tam-t/3 SD - strings (

M&S (MS hire)
Recording: BIS CD-578 (CD)

Six movements for baritone, 2 violins, viola and 2 cellos, after texts by Hans Erni.
April-22 June 1988. Duration c. 40'

fp: 7 October 1988, Berne, Niklaus Tüller (bar), Eva Zügg, Marianne Aeschbacher (vins), Stefanie Gurtner (via), Walter Grimmer, David Inniger (vlc)

  1. Prometheus
2. Ganymedes
3. Danae
4. Daedalos
5. Charon
6. Euphoria
M&S, 1996
Pater Noster

for mixed chorus (SATB) a cappella.
1988. Duration 5'.

fp: 17 November 1988, Stockholm, Stockholms Filharmonisk Kör c. Stefan Parkmann

M&S, 1996
Recording: BIS CD-578 (CD)



Graduation Ball. Ballet in one act on music by Johann Strauss II, arranged by AD 1939. - - timp. perc.(4): chime/susp. cyrn/tgl/SD/BD/gIsp/bells - harp - strings Mills Music Inc., 1948; now EMI (hire)


Bartók: Three Rondos on Folk Tunes Version for string orchestra by AD. Dated '3-5.9.67' UE (hire) (Dorati's arrangement presents these pieces in a different order to the piano original, viz. Ill, I, II)


Bartók: Suite, op.14 Setting for small orchestra by AD. Dated '27.10.67' 2 (=2 pice). 2.1.2 - - piano (ad lib) - strings UE (hire)


Allan Pettersson: 8 Barefoot Songs arranged for baritone and orchestra by AD. 1968-69. l. Herren gar pa äugen (14) 2. Klokar och knythänder and (2) 3. Blomma saj! (7) 4. Jungfrun och Ljugarpust (10) 5. Mens flugorna surra (23) 6. Du lognar (13) 7. Min längtan (20) 8. En speickarls himlafärd (II)
fp: 16 September 1970, Stockholm Nordiska Musikförlaget (hire)
(Numbers in brackets after titles indicate the numbering of these songs in the published edition of Pettersson's 24 Barefoot Songs for voice and piano)


Mozart: Rondo (Andante) für eine kleine Orgel arranged by AD for 2 flutes and 2 clarinets. 2008 M&S


Mozart: Adagio for harmonica arranged by AD for 2 flutes, 2 oboes, I bassoon and horn in F. 2008 M&S


Haydn: Die Zehn Gebote der Kunst 10 canons for mixed chorus, edited for concert performance with orchestral accompaniment ad lib by AD. 1982. - - continuo (ad lib) - strings -> MS (hire), M&S